controllex box Wi-Fi remote – three rooms

controllex box Wi-Fi remote – three rooms

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5.00 out of 5

Control home using your smart-phone by controllex Wifi-remotee device with simple app


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Control your home using iPhone and Android Try controllex wifi remote to open your A/C from anywhere in the world. Send a command to controllex from your phone and it will set your A/C on. With many other features, you will love.
How does it work? Controllex is a wifi remote. It is a universal remote and it can send all kind of commands made by any type of remote and by any manufacturer.
We love Apple watch controllex supports apple watch with a great experience. Matching the highest standards of apple in design, simplicity, and code to deliver the best features in many great screens.
Android watch both square and circle Controllex supports Android watch with a wonderful experience. Meating the highest standards of the industry in design, simplicity, and code to deliver the best features in in both square and circle screens.
3D touch Amazing 3D touch to access your remote directly. Easy to reach your remote directly and send a command in a sec.
controllex widget Beautiful controllex widget to send direct commands without having to open your app. controlling controllex wifi-remote has never been easier.
Share remotes with family and friends Add your room’s remotes to controllex and enjoy sharing them with your family and friends. Share access by pressing the sharing button. Unlimited number of users to your controllex with many nice other features like adding an expiry date and choosing special remotes to share and more.
Learning your remotes Teach controllex your A/C remote with a press of a button. Use our intelligent library to introduce your remote to your controllex wifi-remote. Point your remote to controllex and press any button, and controllex will automatically set it up in your phone including your remote logic and data base to send temperature commands and other nice features.
By preyer times Set up your controllex wifi remote to an automatic on and off commands to your mosques A/C based on prayer times. controllex wifi-remote will fix the timings schedule based on Umm Al Qura times.
Sunrise and Sunset Controllex wifi-remote can open and close the air-conditioning based on the daily sunrise and sunset timings.
Set it up in seconds Download your app and sign up. Press + and enter local wifi password, and you are done
Add a remote Press on controllex then Press + then choose a remote and you are done
One touch set up for A/C Press start then Point your A/C remote to controllex wifi-remote and press the power button and you are done
Art in Box controllex packaging mixes luxury, arts, and green. Made of the highest grade of aluminum to last and to be used later on. Controllex design team think that everything we do must excel and deliver an impression of how great our products are and how much of a great job we deliver. We are proud to make controllex the best product in the market.
controllex as a gift controllex is a wonderful gift for newlyweds and a great housewarming gift. Controlling your home using your phone is a very new thing to most people. Choose controllex as your gift and we will send for you. (Link for Products page)
Security Controllex wifi-remote is very safe, all communications are encrypted using the same encryption used by banks.
2years Warranted controllex wifi-remote is covered by a golden warranty of 2years.
Talk to us live talk to our wonderful team live and remember to use our client care button in our app anytime you like and we will guide you on any enquiry and any time of the year.
Quality Controllex holds the highest global standards for quality in the U.S, Europe, and Saudi Arabia.
preserving the environment ControlleX is an energy saver. There is no need to use electronic batteries for our devices.
Languages English and Arabic Support
operating systems Works on IOS and Android platform



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