Control your home using
iPhone and Android

Using the Controllex app you can control your AC, TV, STB, etc., from anywhere in the world. It acts as an universal remote supporting many brands.

How does it work?

Controllex is a Wi-Fi remote device. It receives commands like ON, OFF, etc., from the Controllex app through cloud (Internet) and it transmits to the devices like AC, TV, STB, etc., using it’s strong inbuilt IR sensors.

Apple Watch

Controlling your product is just a ‘tap’ away and it is always in your wrist. Controllex app meets the stringent standards of Apple to give you the great experience in the watch.

Android Wear

Controllex is designed to suit the varied available Android wearable devices. It is designed to give you the best experience in both square and circle shaped screens.

Web App

Taking advantage of the available screen space, we could fill up all the contents in a single page. Which in return gives you an immense experience of the app usage. We are having great plans (future versions) to organise the Controllex devices in the map.

3D Touch

Using 3D Touch, you can directly access a particular remote and send a command in a second.

iOS widget

Important commands of the remote can be accessed in the lock screen widget itself without opening the app.

Share remotes with family and friends

You can share the remotes with your family members and friends with few simple steps. To have control in sharing, you can also add an expiry date and time to the shared access.







Permanent commands

Setup your routine using the below permanent commands and Controllex will take care of the rest.

Save Energy

Setup your remote to send an OFF command to your AC at regular intervals. You will end up saving 60% of your monthly electricity bill.


Travel mode

You can setup your remote to automatically switch your AC ON for few hours and then switch it OFF. It will make sure that your house maintains constant temperature.


Timer *

Do you need your AC to be switched ON and OFF in a particular timeframe everyday? Well, we have got it covered.

* Timer for AC ON & AC OFF to be configured seperately


Sunrise and Sunset

You can configure what has to happen to your AC when the sun rises and sets.

Prayer times *

Are you a person who controls mosques in large? you can setup your remote to send an ON and OFF commands to all the ACs based on the prayer times.

* Schedule timings are based on Umm Al Qura times.

Set it up in seconds

Controllex device can be configured with the mobile app in a very few simple steps.

Add remote

In the remotes list screen,
- Tap ‘+’
- Choose remote
- Done.

Auto learning *

You can teach your AC remote in the tap of a button.

Long press any button in your Controllex app. Point your actual AC remote to the controllex device and press the power button.

* For now auto learning works only for AC remotes.

Art in the box

Made using the highest grade of aluminium to last longer. With the thought of excelling and delivering an ultimate product, our design team came up with the box which mixes Luxury, Art and Green.

Gift your Loved ones

Controllex is an excellent gift for the newlyweds. It is also an outstanding gift for housewarming. Especially when people move to new houses, this serves them with ease. This greatly helps them in saving energy and reducing the bills.

Remote - Supported brands

Controllex helps you control your products through IR signals. It supports most of the brands (remotes) all over the world.



Controllex wifi-remote is very safe, all communications are encrypted using the same encryption used by banks.

2year Warrantee

controllex wifi-remote is covered by a golden warranty of 2years.

Talk to us Live

Our support team will be live all time and ready to help you anytime. Hit our client care button anytime, we will guide you through for any help.


Add remote

How to add remotes in simple steps

Share remote

Share your remote securely with your family members and friends

Permanent Commands

Set up the permanent commands by time, sunrise / sunset, prayer time etc.,

Apple TV

Using Controllex in Apple TV is a fun filled experience.

Android TV

You can also access Controllex app in Android TV.